Get out and Explore

Morgan Ryan

Exploring something new or somewhere new is on the bucket list of Morgan Ryan, a Creighton student from Omaha, Nebraska, studying graphic design, advertising, public relations, and digital development.

Ryan had no idea she would discover so many things in the computer and technology world that she loved and wanted to explore. With her various areas of study she was able to find a new passion of hers, photography and videography.

“I had one class with Tim, the video and photo class, and I just fell in love with it.”

When she found out about the Creighton Backpack Journalism trip to Alaska, she desired to immerse herself in her newfound passion and get that real life experience the trip would offer.

Ryan states that the best part of the trip was getting to see a new part of the world. The boat trip to the village of Napaskiak really made that a reality for her.

“I’ve lived in Omaha my entire life, and we never really took any vacations. It was exciting to go to somewhere new and explore.”

The worst part of the trip for Ryan was the knowledge that her and her classmates were experiencing Bethel, Alaska in a different way than the people living there experienced it. She claims she felt a little guilty that there are so many struggles present in the small town and her group wasn’t experiencing it.

Despite the guilt, this trip helped her decide what path to follow in the future.

“I loved getting B-roll and the interviews and now the editing process. This trip really helped me narrow down what I want to do once I graduate.”

After she graduates from Creighton in 2015, Ryan will look for a job. She isn’t quite sure what that job that is, but she knows one thing for sure. She wants to get out of Nebraska. This trip to Bethel has influenced Ryan in a way that makes her want to get out and explore new places in the future.

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