From Omaha with anticipation and hope

I am a traveler at heart, but I am also a very inquisitive person. Starting when I was 12 until this very year, not a year has passed with me not going a a long adventure somewhere far from home. At first these trips involved family, in the form of family vacations. Later, they began to include a faith aspect to them, an aspect that called for a more selfless experience. In these past two years travel has translated to introspection and soul-searching, a time to physically take myself out of my reality and take time in reflection and prayer.

But now I’m faced with a new challenge. How am I supposed to approach this new trip? What category does it fall into? How do I prepare for it and what can I anticipate about it?

First of all I recognize that trips like this will likely happen a lot in my future life. Combining majors in sociology, anthropology and journalism, with a focus on photography and video, it is my hope that my life is filled with learning about new cultures, learning about peoples stories and letting the world know about those stories.

With that in mind, I see this trip as both a time for selfless service to a community in need, and by service I mean the ability to listen and witness people’s realities, and also a time for  self-reflection and introspection in the company of others.

But that is as far as I can anticipate. If there is anything that I’ve learned from past trips, is that one can never really anticipate what the outcome of that experience will be. But if there is anything that I hope to get out of this experience is a better understanding and appreciation for people’s realities in remote places. I think that these past years of being a college student in the midwest have in some ways sheltered me and I hope to expand my views by experiencing a different culture and do so with other people.

All I can say right now, however, is that I am ready for whatever comes. At least that’s my hope.

Nico Sandi

About Nico Sandi

I am a Sociology/Anthropology and Journalism major because I am passionate about people, learning about cultures and being able to give a voice to those who need it. I love shooting and editing video, but more than anything, I love meeting new people, learning about their lives and sharing with them.

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