From right to the left, Nico Sandi, Tony Homsy SJ, and Tim Guthrie. Alaska, Fox island
From right to the left, Nico Sandi, Tony Homsy SJ, and Tim Guthrie. Alaska, Fox island

Many of you had listened to my story, and how I came to Creighton, actually by a personal invitation from Fr. Don Doll, S.J. And most of you would hear me talking about our friendship, two Jesuits photographer (an amateur and a Professional) share the same passion about photography as a mission and as a vocation, more than anything else. Our relation has been getting deeper and deeper, especially when Fr. Don keeps providing me by nice tools, (you can call me a “user”). 

But this Friendography doesn’t stop there, I have another Friendographers: Tim and Nico.
Tim is my teacher of photojournalism and digital video, I followed two courses with him before, we have been chatting a little bit, but nothing in depth. I knew a little bit about him since we were friends on facebook, from his posts I knew that he cares about social issues, some politics ones and lot of freaky arts.
Nico shared with me the same two courses, and one another of graphic design, both of us are international students at Creighton, we both love documentaries, but we never worked together, even for the class assignments. We may played cards more than talking about photography. 

In February, I knew that both guys will be with me on this trip, we talked about it a little bit, but nothing serious, until we start the 2nd of June. We were on the same page, I could say, we were speaking photography, the language we all share, not Arabic, neither Spanish. I sit here at the Anchorage’s airport, couple hours before we finish this trip, they are sleeping on a bench behind me, while I am reviewing our lovely memories, the ones with the entire group, and special ones like our unforgettable trip with Ervin. I may share you three main themes for this kind of new friendship:

Fun: How can I forget about humor? We always find time to tease each other, this is the deepest sign of friendship in my opinion, especially when we tease each other about a bad shot, forgetting an important tool we should have had brought with us, or even a great shot that we makes the other two jealous a little bit. We tease each other, because we all know deep inside that we respect each other, and celebrate one another’s success.

Intensity: When we pack to go to shoot, we go as we would have been send in a mission, we are so serious because the expectation of people who are awaiting for our project… So we do give our best, and criticize ourselves in a way we feel that our skills are improving day by day. and the next shot, or the next project will be better. 

Collaboration: It is also a lovely part of this friendogrpahy. At the scene, we start connect with each other by a gestures, we do know that we need each other to complete the task we are targeting, one of us could be a leader, while another observes and tries to fill the gaps. By time our communication got better, and our talents got specialized. The best part is when we share hints, we don’t care to show our strength or weak points, because we still learning and discovering how we can move forward, individually and as a group.  

Working together was the frame that take our relation, a teacher and two students, into a deeper level: three Friendographers who know each others as a raw photo, without post edit or modification. Because when we work, we show our genuine personalities, exactly as they are, with all we have, and all we are. Our photos tell who we are, by the way we see the same thing from dissimilar perspective, or how we deal with the same camera differently. 

In this magical trip, we worked on a big project, I wish and I pray that it would never be the last experience. I am missing them already, knowing that I won’t be at Creighton couple weeks later. But our friendship is about sharing and supporting each other beside to working together, each one of us is a lone wolf, but some how we liked to work as a herd, maybe herd of mosse. 

Tony Homsy S.J.

About Tony Homsy S.J.

Tony is a Syrian Jesuit from the Middle East Province, he is 29 years old and is the webmaster for his Province's website. After he graduated from University of Aleppo in Bio-chemistry department, he joined the Society, spending two years Cairo, Egypt, after which he studied philosophy and Arab Civilization in Beirut, Lebanon. He is currently a student at Creighton University in Omaha where he studies Digital Journalism and Computer Science. Besides studying, Tony spends time on photography translating to and from Arabic.

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  1. Tony, you just made my day. It was soooo fun to travel with you and work so hard on this project. It was an honor to spend the day in Newtok with you, as well. I know we wanted to get more than we did, but at the same time, we also got more than we expected. I know we still have a couple more weeks of really hard work, but I also hope we never lose touch after you leave. You have been a constant surprise, and I mean that in the best way possible

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