Fish are friends, not food. But actually it’s delicious.

It is only half way through the week and I think this is the most fish I have eaten ever eaten in 1 week. The other day a parishioner stopped by with two types of fish. It was a gift to thank us for being here. I was a little worried about trying something new because I don’t usually eat a lot of fish, but if tried it anyway. I have had sushi and fish and chips before but nothing quite like this. I also tried some fish jerky at lunch. It was a sample Yup’ik food. Last night for dinner we decided to make fish and rice. One thing John, or any of us for that matter, didn’t expect were three full un-gutted salmon. I got to watch some of my classmates gut and fillet a fish. I was there taking pictures, but now I kind of wish I actually stepped up and tried to prepare the salmon.

We made each fish differently. One was a traditional Alaskan Salmon with mayonnaise and dill. It was delicious! The next one was made with olive oil, salt and pepper, and lemons. Again, delicious. The third one had parmesan cheese on it. I cannot remember if there was anything else on it. I wasn’t really around when it was being prepared. But anyway, delicious.

I absolutely loved this meal. It was amazing. I am surprised I liked it so much. I have never really been a fish person. We were all making Finding Nemo references while Hannah and Mari were filleting the salmon. I am not sure if that was appropriate, but now i want to watch that movie and I have “Just Keep Swimming” stuck in my head.

2 thoughts on “Fish are friends, not food. But actually it’s delicious.

  1. All of you sound like you are learning so much while in Alaska….we are enjoying
    learning through you….keep blogging!

  2. Stephanie – I really enjoyed your post and found my mouth watering at your descriptions of the Salmon. I’m so glad your group is having such a rich variety of experiences. Savor these days!

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