Crossing My Fingers

As time passes here in Omaha, I am reviewing more and more of the B-roll that everyone has shot and the sequences that have been put together. Some of the footage has already been matched to clips of interviews, so we are trying to narrow down the rest of the footage to “the best of the best”, so to speak. That is intimidating.

I know I have good footage that I have taken. However, looking at the quotes that are being included in the documentary, I am not sure that my footage necessarily fits those. To be fair, I think some of my footage is blurring together in my mind, so there could easily be something I forgot that could make it in the film, but as I look at all of the amazing footage there is, it is hard to imagine that much of any one person’s footage could make it.

Talking to some of the other students, I think my fear is shared by everyone. No one wants to be the person who doesn’t have any shots in the film. (or only has one boring shot while everyone else gets their nice scenery shots in.) On the other hand, everyone here is really supportive of the overall good of the film and of each of its contributors. We all know that the project is bigger than any one of use because what is important is the story that it tells.

It is possible that the only shots of mine that will make it into the documentary will be a sequence of a woman getting water. (watch out for orange nail polish) It’s also possible that there will be many shots I took, or none at all. What I know for certain though, is that the film will turn out amazing no matter what. I am proud of the work I did and I know I will be proud for everyone in the group when the movie is completed.

My one shining moment?
My one shining moment?
Claire Storey

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