Claudia Brock: Blending Service and Journalism

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Like many others who decided to step out of their comfort zone and join Creighton Backpack Journalism, Claudia Brock didn’t know what kind of experience awaited her.

A proud member of the Creighton community, Claudia Brock prides herself in her ability to stay involved in multiple ways on campus. However, her view on Creighton was not always as upbeat.

“Being from Omaha, I knew that there was for sure one place I did not want to go, Creighton. I always thought that I would end up somewhere else, so I initially came to school kicking and screaming”.

Now for Claudia it is a totally different story, she has embraced her time at Creighton and she is now involved in various activities. She embraced the Journalism major and joined the Creightonian paper as a staff writer and held that position for her entire freshman year, she later became assistant news editor,  a scene editor and more recently a news editor.

She first became interested in writing and Journalism from writing essays and her involvement with her speech team in high school.

“I enjoy researching and staying on top of news, and at Admitted Students Day, I got inspired to do Creighton news.” Claudia explained.

Claudia was raised Catholic, and from a young age always seemed to possess a drive to be involved in some way where she can help those in need around her. She has interned for the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands, helped organize and lead retreats, and will be minoring in Social Justice and Peace study. So when she first heard of what Backpack Journalism had to offer, she couldn’t refuse.

“To have a trip that combined my two loves, social justice, and journalism was a dream come true!”

So after a long week of Creighton Backpack Journalism bootcamp, Claudia packed her bags and with the rest of the CBJ team, headed out to Alaska.

While in Alaska, Claudia seemed to be as involved as she possibly could, taking on a variety of different roles. She acted as an interviewer, a writer/note taker, was the official legal consultant for the trip, and was a proud member of the “C Team” all while developing and improving her skills with a camera and as an overall journalist.

The "C Team"
The “C Team”

“It has been challenging (the trip), because of the chaotic size of the group. Despite that, I loved hearing people’s stories, they are all so fascinating, and I loved trying new things like cleaning fish and eating seal.”

Claudia always seems to have a smile on her face, and can easily bring light through laughter in any situation seemingly without hassle. She is always ready to brighten the team’s mood, and is always ready to try something new or just help out.

She is truly a joy to have on the team, and the best damn legal consultant in the Creighton Backpack Journalism program.


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