Chasing Sunsets

Where do I even begin? It’s Tuesday night now, which means we’ve spent Sunday last minute packing and traveling, Monday napping and planning, and today full of interviews and filming. These three days have gone so fast, it’s incredible that tomorrow is Wednesday already.

Time moves rather interestingly here in Bethel. Or rather, due to a three hour time difference and a lack of using our cell phones, I just never know what time it is. Add in the strange hours of the sunset/sunrise and I have no idea what’s happening.

Before we get too far into the week though, I want to talk about our flights. Perhaps due to thrill of the trip or just feeding off of each other’s excitement, our flights here were amazing. From Minneapolis to Anchorage, we were chasing the sunset. What started as a night flight soon became a dusk, then early evening flight. Time was moving backwards and we were gliding in the middle of it.

We passed city lights, complete darkness from lack of cities and then the most beautiful mountains I’ve ever seen. (Side note: someone take a vacation to the mountains up in Canada with me). I didn’t think it could get any better until I realized that the beautiful, rolling “snow” between the peaks was actually just clouds, and I still have yet to see the other half of that world.

Pause the incredible flights for a second though and queue the Anchorage Airport: home of people sleeping anywhere and everywhere, the first place I wore a sleep mask and the best Cinnabon cinnamon roll you’ve ever had at 1AM/4AM, depending on whose time zone you’re talking. For about 6 hours we joined this public slumber party and then boarded our final flight.

While there were many more clouds and not really any mountains, our trip to Bethel was wild because we flew over lots of water and fishing boats. For a while, some of us were concerned because we didn’t really see the land we were supposedly landing on.

We made it though, and after getting settled into our living arrangements, we promptly laid our sleeping bags out and woke up four hours later. Which was only two in the afternoon, despite our insistence that it had to be more like 8 PM. I think eventually we’ll adjust, but for now, we continue to chase the sunset, that now seems to never come.

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