“Alaska? Why?”

Why Backpack Journalism? I have been asked this multiple times by family and friends when I tell them about this trip.

In addition to the logical aspects, the main reason I am going on this trip is to get firsthand experience with the process of compiling information and film to create a documentary.

Then I’m usually asked why I am going to Alaska and what I will be doing there. I explain that I will be making a documentary, and they are surprised as I have no previous experience with film.

The fact that this trip is more than just an opportunity for tourism is definitely what attracted me to this experience. While other FLPA trips would have included some beautiful sightseeing and incredible experiences, none of them offered the making of a documentary during the trip.

I hope to gain some insight into a wholly different culture. Going there and observing the culture and religion, and the relationship between those, is going to be an incredible experience.

ALSO I get to hang out with people like this, so that’s pretty neat.


1 thought on ““Alaska? Why?”

  1. Dear Mari,
    God speed and God bless you and the group as you venture to another world! I believe that the people you will see and the places you will visit will stay with you for the rest of your days. Yes, definitely, you all will be stepping out of your comfort zone. You will learn and grow and hurt and create and make a new friend or two possibly.

    You have extraordinary powers of observation and a quiet, practical way to use humor to win over people in small and memorable ways. This will come in handy in the days to come.

    I will think about you and will say prayers everyday for your safety and well being…(because I am your mom 🙂 ). But, I will also remember to be grateful for all of the surprising and remarkable events you will experience. They will affect you forever I think!

    I love you and I am proud of you!

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