A potluck I’ll never forget

My one rule for myself this trip is be adventurous. I want to go back to Omaha not regretting that I didn’t do something. Today I got to be adventurous with food. I have never really been a picky eater, but I’d never thought I would try what I ate tonight.

Tonight was the potluck dinner. Locals brought traditional Alaskan dishes for us to try. One person brought salmon spread. It was great on both crackers and bread. OK … I could see myself trying that, but not what I had next … moose and caribou in various dishes. There was moose stir fry and moose stew. The caribou was in a scrumptious soup. I also got to try this seal soup and salmon chowder. The salmon chowder was great. I would definitely have it again. The seal soup was good, but it’s something I can only take a couple bites of. It tasted really fishy, and I am not really used to that. (at least I tried it, right? no regrets.) I really never thought I’d be the person to try seal or moose. Those are two things I never thought I’d get the chance to try. I mean they don’t really sound very appetizing…. But hey, now I can say I’ve had moose stir fry. How many people in the Midwest can say that?

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  1. Stephanie, I think that’s a great rule to live by when you are in Alaska. And that meal was so good. I really appreciate your willingness to chip in and help with anything, to try new things and see what happens. We all should be leaping out of our comfort zones.

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