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Andrew confirmed my thoughts last night, when we were discussing what I should blog about next.  He said I should blog about being the dad of the group and how I have to explain my jokes to these young Creighton students. Explaining what it meant when I said “a little birdy just flew over your head”…I guess now separates generations.

Perhaps I am just old-fashioned. I know there are those in my age group that also have no understanding of some basic skills. However, watching them try to open a pocket knife and figuring out how to hand wash clothes have brought me some amusement.

Lizzy and Matthew play soccer with refugee children

Listening to conversations, I often hear variations of the games we would play in the car to kill time.  Lizzy and Matthew were trying to see who could get the most people to wave at them on the way back from the school, adding new rules as they went to accumulate higher point values. Of course, I encouraged it when I defended Matthew that a wave from a baby should count more because he was on the opposite side of the bus.

Lizzy seems to be in the center of many playtime activities.  Making some great friends and getting smiles as she goes. She is great with children. I hope she does not lose her ability to find joy in the simple things of life.

Matthew and Natalie interview Father Kevin White

I am all for climbing the tower at the radio station, that would make some excellent establishing shot footage, or any of the half built buildings, petting animals and exploring slightly off the beaten path. Sadly Carol is there to reel it all back in, spoiling the fun. “Don’t pet it,” Don’t lick it,” and “No, Don’t climb it!” Seem to come from Carol frequently. I understand her position but I will remain relentless. Giving her a hard time that she doesn’t allow us to do anything.

With all the fun we have had, we have worked hard. This morning John gave us the morning off after filming a grueling nine interviews yesterday and B-roll. Although I have to explain my jokes, I have to give credit to this group of students.  They work hard, make the best of any situation, desire to learn and are open to new experiences. Even eating fish eyes.

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