Lost in a Familiar Place, my mind…

Breakfast Room

Africa. What can I say to summarize the feelings and thoughts I have had since arriving? Itis very different. I am thankful that I decided to bring a journal and sketch book with me to get things down as the days progress. It has been fun looking back at the sketches already, I am sure that it will become my most treasured sketchbook. Two of my favorite sketches thus far are of Andrew drinking a Nile Special as we waited for lunch in Gaba and the room we ate our breakfast in the first morning here in Entebbe. 



There are so many differences. I appreciate the conversations Zach and I have had; he has helped meprocess the things in my head. The first day here, mentally things were running so quickly that I was unable to process a complete thought. It was simple words and fragments in my mind, let alone trying to be able to express them. Thanks Zach!

I am certain that this blog will appear to be all over in thought process as well. I apologize for that. I am still struggling to put thoughts together in a coherent manner. I have at least gotten past one or two word thoughts such as ‘so many’ and ‘earthly’ to form a complete sentence with them. To expand those thoughts, there are so many people on one boda boda (a motorcycle used the way we would use taxis), there are so many body bodas on the road, there are so many words on advertising signs, there are so many items in front of store fronts, and the list goes on. The thought ‘Earthly’ leads to thoughts from the colors of the buildings, the sounds, and how people are part of the environment and not controlling it. 

Time seems to disappear quickly here. I am told it could be jet lag, but I honestly think it has more to do with the awe of the entire experience than the time zone difference. Even the two hour bus ride to travel two miles seems to fly by; why are others complaining? It is simple living here, peaceful and slow…I could get used to this. Although we live in America, the developed world, there is something to be said for Africa’s way of life. I have been told by many from the area, who have travelled to other countries, that the people of Africa are the happiest in the world. I would have to agree with that statement from what I have witnessed.

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A non-traditional student, father of nine and proud poppa of six, from the Mid-West. Brick is currently a senior at Creighton University and a recently published author of "Whats in a Word."

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  1. hey carol ,
    what a great trip with some fun kids
    i have read the blogs, do you need help
    with grading?
    take care; kevin

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