Indian Soap Operas in Africa?

There have been plenty of unexpected experiences since arriving in Uganda. Perhaps the most unusual of them all has been the discovery that Indian soap operas and Bollywood music are broadcast 24/7 – 365 on Ugandan television. Since arriving in Uganda, I have learned of the Indian influence that is present within the East African nation’s borders. However, I never expected the influence of the Indian subcontinent to touch everything from food to entertainment.

After a fast paced day of shooting footage at one of the various refugee settlements in northern Uganda, the group and I returned to the place where we were staying to eat a late lunch. Blaring out of the televisions located in the area where we were going to eat was one of the most unusual television shows that anyone had ever seen. Fast paced footage of extreme closeups and unnatural sounding voices poured out of the television. Naturally, we were all intrigued by the sheer novelty of the unusual television show that was being broadcast and wanted to find out more.

As we began to eat lunch, we couldn’t help but laugh at some of the worst television we had ever seen. Seriously, these shows were comically bad. There is simply no other way to describe them. Everything from  farsical acting to the dubbed voices that lacked emotion and everything in between looked like they were produced by ammatures who had absolutely no idea what they were doing.

Despite the shows having very poor quality, they are oddly entertaining. I’m not sure why, but I found myself unable to look away as cringeworthy scene after cringeworthy scene unfolds before my eyes. It’s like train wreck. There’s no way that anyone could hope to look away.

I guess that’s all I have to say about this. I really don’t know where this blog was supposed to go, but these Indian soap operas were so far out of the ordinary that there was no way I couldn’t make a blog post about them.

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