Editing Endeavor

Much like I was skeptical for how the story would seemingly self-form when we first got to Uganda, I was just as worried about how difficult it would be to sift through our b-roll footage and interviews to find a real structure to what we were chasing.

Yet, in a similar fashion, it didn’t take long for one to arise, and everyone felt good about what we were trying to target.

Transcribing was a pretty big pain. It was fun for about ten minutes, and then that feeling went right out the window. The constant pausing to write everything I could remember to realize I only advanced three seconds in the video honestly became disheartening after a while. Regardless, we eventually sludged through that process after about a day and a half of work, and I was able to move onto b-roll footage, which was much more enjoyable.

There was so much good footage that was available, and after cutting out only the unusable stuff, I ended up with a pretty extensive timeline. However, Tim told us we should have all sections down to 2.5 minutes or less, which is where things got a lot more difficult.

I really enjoyed just being able to go through my own shots as well, as we got no chance to while we were in Uganda. This trip was a great opportunity to be able to use a camera, and it’s hard for me to overstate how much I really enjoyed it. Being able to look back on how my work really turned out on a big screen was a great feeling.

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