Developing World, Different World

The world is a peculiar place. Within it’s bounds, it can hold an uber-successful juggernaut of a country founded on exploiting others by force. Just a few thousand miles away, the opposite side of the spectrum is fully on display. Blatantly displayed in the streets, the residents of eastern Africa interact and go about their daily business completely different. Ironically, the people of the latter region appear that they couldn’t possibly be of the same world as the first.

Before I came to Africa, this difference was something I more or less expected. However, I had not considered the state of the more populous areas. When I thought of Africa, my mind defaulted to the vast open plains, people few and far between, the rain taking turns to show with the sun. While these areas certainly exist, places like Kampala were a whole different animal. I likened the setup experienced in the town like someone did a “copy-paste” all over the city. Over and over, you’d see several cramped stores together almost always featuring a unisex salon, food place, beauty store, drug store, and so on. For blocks on end, the town featured buildings as such, with several thousands of people perusing the streets, on the way to something, I’m just not sure what. Trash piles, stray animals, and parked motorcycles all occupy a large amount of space in the already crowded, poorly formed roads.

Ultimately, I suppose the point of this blog is that the world is where many different people living in many cultures and climates with many different ideas and experiences are all trying to carry on together. In 16 hours of transportation, I was taken from one place to another that felt like two completely different worlds. I’m still processing that.


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My name is Matthew Bryan. Born in San Jose, California yet forever self-identifying as a Coloradan through and through thanks to my home in Broomfield. I'm a newly formed journalism/PR double-major, with a biology minor to go along with it. I'm obsessed with NBA basketball to an unhealthy point, but I'm more than happy to talk about dogs or any sports.

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