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Growing up, I was provided a sheltered life by my parents. No matter how much my 15-year-old self would tell you differently, the problems I faced then are of a much smaller magnitude than what 99% of the other people in the world face. I like to think I’ve gotten more aware of these as I’ve grown older and I still continue to every single day. As I continue to learn more and understand the full scope of these circumstances that so many people face, I’ve noticed that this inequality is present in so many different ways and just how much it can take a toll on those who it effects.

Really, I’ve discovered I have a desire to bring these issues that these people around the world are facing for others to see. While countless stories are published all over the news and internet over those marginalized, there are just many situations not exposed or shared with the public that many may not even know exist. While there are thousands of donation efforts, protests, and more done in the name of the marginalized every day around the world, I think it’s hard to argue that enough is being done or that they’re getting sufficient recognition.

Sudanese refugees located in Kenya, photo courtesy of EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operation

I’m hoping to gain many different things on this journey to Uganda. A firsthand look at the state of living of the refugees. Experience of covering a story in a very real-world scenario. A fresh perspective that can be used and reflected on for my own life.

Despite going to Canada and Mexico, I’ve never been outside the continent of North America, and certainly never to a region like where we’re going to visit. I’m excited to get the opportunity to help these people in any way we can.

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My name is Matthew Bryan. Born in San Jose, California yet forever self-identifying as a Coloradan through and through thanks to my home in Broomfield. I'm a newly formed journalism/PR double-major, with a biology minor to go along with it. I'm obsessed with NBA basketball to an unhealthy point, but I'm more than happy to talk about dogs or any sports.

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  1. Matthew, I am glad you are along for the journey. it will be overwhelming and inspiring and every combination of emotions in-between. Thanks for being willing to go outside your comfort zone to bear witness.

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