Coping with Death

A week in Africa, already!?!?! It has been almost a week in Africa but a week from leaving the United States. We have heard of two tragic incidents from the Omaha area since we left. It makes me question the way we see death versus the way Africans see death. Driving through Kampala, there are store stands where they are selling different size coffins. Death is so common place for them and so taboo for us.

Sketching and writing in my journal has provided me a way to process some very deep questions. I do not have answers for them but I have definitely considered things through a different lens. I’m uncertain if the question I opened this blog with is even appropriate to be discussing due to the strong connection some on the trip have with the incidents. Yet, everything I have personally journaled about provokes these deep questions that will likely offend someone. This is not my intention, but the way I am processing the immense amount of information that I have been receiving by watching the foreignarea around me.

I can see some of my thoughts through my sketches, although because of the sensitive nature of the thoughts, I will leave them here for you to perhaps form your own questions. The first is people from the plane ride. My thoughts were around a topic I have a love/hate relationship with, technology.

The second is a cat that was entertained by a mouse it had caught. My thoughts were based around life, death and how we relate to each other.

The last one is my view from the hotel room in Kampala. I could hear a rooster crowing, dogs barking, birds singing, and city noises of individuals beginning their day. It was very surreal standing on the balcony for me. If there was a thought about life and the way we live it out, I am certain I had considered it on some level.

I am enjoying Africa, a lot! It is abeautiful place with beautiful people. It has opened my eyes in a way that I do not know how to express to others and leaves me with questions I can not answer. The biggest questions I have are: How do we help others when our own lives need work? How do Americans make a difference without removing the beauty from other cultures? Are Americans correct in believing in a utopia where equality prevails or should life be more about appreciation of the time here regardless of the situation?

Brick Demique

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A non-traditional student, father of nine and proud poppa of six, from the Mid-West. Brick is currently a senior at Creighton University and a recently published author of "Whats in a Word."

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  1. This was a lovely way to begin a momentn of reflection this morning. Thanks. Not sure you get many moments for that when surrounded by your tribe = tho, I would wager you are sourouded ( hmm, can’t spell consistently this am) by life then in such a degree that yours would be ‘constantly moving moments of reflection’.

    Say hi to Z. ( Carol) from me:)

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