Backpack Journalism the Best Way to Learn

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By Central Intelligence Agency (map), Tzzzpfff (translation) (CIA World Fact Book) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
I chose Backpack Journalism over traditional courses because I believe it offered experiences that are beyond the abilities of traditional learning and would enhance my life. I was attracted to backpack journalism because of the many things it had to offer. Some of the things that drew me into backpack journalism are gaining course credit while studying abroad, participating in the creation of a documentary from beginning to end with a group of individuals, experiencing another country, and adding to my current skill set. I learn best from hand on experience and cannot think of a better way to do that than through the participation of an actual project; the project location is an added bonus. I feel that graduating with ‘real world’ experience will help me in my future.

I am not entirely sure what I hope to gain from the experience. I assume that I will gain much more than I could possibly imagine at this point because I have never traveled outside of the United States. I am convinced that I will gain skills working with video, knowledge about the refugees in Uganda and a new perspective of the world. I have intentionally not considered what I want from the trip because I don’t know what to expect and I am more likely to embrace whatever happens by not having preconceived notions. I typically plan things out well in advance and this trip leaves me feeling like I am standing on the edge of a cliff. It is exciting and scary at times. I look forward to the experience: good, bad, and neutral.

Brick Demique

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A non-traditional student, father of nine and proud poppa of six, from the Mid-West. Brick is currently a senior at Creighton University and a recently published author of "Whats in a Word."

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  1. Brick, this is a bit like standing on the edge of a cliff. The very nature of what we do and where we will be mean we often can’t plan things out as we might at home. I am very glad you are part of our journey.

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