Back to the Grind

Nothing like a warm welcome home!

It feels like I never left, I need a vacation, sigh.  The complexity of life has already hit full force and the memories of the trip seem like they are from a distant past. Short of feeling sick still from the trip, it feels like visiting Africa happened months ago. Summer break is coming…right?

Being back is bittersweet. On one side, I am thrilled to have a hot shower and a variety in my diet. I am most pleased to spend time with my lovely partner again, I missed her. On the other hand, I miss Africa. I miss the simplicity of it, the sounds and the smells.The experience was amazing. It opened my eyes and gave me a whole new understanding of the world in which I live. I encountered so many new things, especially the first couple of days that we were there, it left me unable to really form a complete thought to express it in words. Even now, trying to describe my experience, I am at a loss for words. I don’t know where to begin or end when telling others about my trip. The easiest way would be to start at the beginning and walk someone through day by day, but beyond the length of time that would take, there is no way to describe everything I took away from Africa.

The best way to describe my experience is wrapped up in my sketches. They are simple moments loaded with meanings. From the excitement of looking out the plane window, building new relationships, exploring the landscape, and simple pleasures in life, to the dark moments of life and death in the stories we heard during the interviews and the observation of a cat playing with a dead mouse.

Now that we are back, it is time to  take those experiences and make a short documentary as a group to tell the stories of not just our experience in Africa but to share the stories of those who live there. It is time to get back to the grind of everyday life, but taking with us these amazing experiences to help shape our lives and others into a more positive environment.

Brick Demique

About Brick Demique

A non-traditional student, father of nine and proud poppa of six, from the Mid-West. Brick is currently a senior at Creighton University and a recently published author of "Whats in a Word."

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