Anticipating Africa

After a week of class, I am already exhausted and not feeling very well. Packing is slowly coming together and my brain is mush. I am super excited and a little nervous at the same time. Regardless, tomorrow will be here soon!

Creighton University, Backpack Journalism Team 2018 Photo: Tim Guthrie

I look forward to the adventures of this trip. I believe that we have a great group going, with a combination of skills that will make it superb. Although most of the week has been serious business, there have been some definite highlights of fun. There have been a lot of information received this week from filming and shooting to theology and refugees in Uganda. I feel that I have a much better understanding of how the exposure triangle works on a camera and spent some time this past week shooting in manual mood. A first for me, even after the numerous photo and video courses I have taken.

I have a few concerns, most of them are not so much related to the trip, but more to my family while I am away. The biggest concern I have directly related to the trip is the process of getting there and back. I have only flown once and never out of the country. I am also in high hopes that I wake up feeling better tomorrow, feeling sick to my stomach is not the idea way to start this trip.

Inspiration loading…

I am not sure that I have been inspired from any conversation that has taken place during this first week. Perhaps because for me, inspiration leads to doing something that I would not otherwise be doing.

In the words of Carol Zuegner, it is time to “get packing.”

Brick Demique

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A non-traditional student, father of nine and proud poppa of six, from the Mid-West. Brick is currently a senior at Creighton University and a recently published author of "Whats in a Word."

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