A Frisbee’s Throw Away

When we stopped for a day in the border town of Moyo, the plan was to get an understanding of, as well as footage for a receiving and distribution center, and those going through the process. As I was on b-roll team, we were done earlier than the other group, who was following a specific family through the steps. To pass the time, some of us pulled out a frisbee we had and started tossing it around in the middle of the compound. We attracted a lot of attention quickly from the children around us, and in just minutes, we had several join us in a circle to toss it around. Despite them having likey never seen the object before in their life, and only our example to follow on, some of them picked up on it extremely quickly. No matter how often a throw was accurate or a catch was made, they had smiles all the way around.

While this experience was certainly a memorable one for the kids, I think it will resonate with me just as much. Being able to make an impact on them that’s noticeable in their expressions, and providing a few laughs between what they’ve recently gone through? It’s surreal. The bridge connecting South Sudan and Uganda loomed just a few kilometers away. What they came to know, the life they left behind, they were truthfully hardly removed from. Being able to interact with people who have gone through what they did, all the while close to the country that drove them out, was a staggering experience I never thought I’d have.

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