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If Memory Lane were a Photo Album…

When I studied abroad in Rome last year, one of my favorite professors forbid photographs. He would take us to the most beautiful churches in the world and go absolutely ballistic if he saw a student snap a photo.

Despite my initial annoyance, I learned how to appreciate whatever was in front of me (something very hard to do nowadays). Besides filming and updating the Snapchat, I didn’t take pictures during my time at the border.

Thankfully, my classmates did.

Here are some of my absolute favorite people/memories:

Lil' John. Our tour guide for the desert walk.
Lil’ John. Our tour guide for the desert walk.
Fr. Neeley and Daniela
Fr. Neeley and Daniela. Two awesome interviewees!
Desert walk selfie!
Desert walk selfie!
Some of the CUbackpack team
Some of the CU backpack team
Dinner/Dance Party!
Dinner/Dance Party!
Shrine in Tucson, Arizona
Shrine in Tucson, Arizona
Entrance to Mexico
Entrance to Mexico

(Photos do not belong to me)

A look back

In no apparent order I have posted some of my favorite photos and the memories that are associated with each. Enjoy!

Failing at speaking Spanish with Cat. We did eventually learn what hat was in Spanish…wait what was it now? Sombrero?
Thankful for my teammate Aly Schreck. She is fearless and always up to go to brunch with me. Thank you being my support system on this trip.
Group picture of Backpack journalism crew and Daniela Vargas
Grateful for every single one of these genuine and caring humans. Thank you for not judging my dancing, my sitting positions or my laugh. You guys are the real deal.
Several Backpack group members sitting on the wall behind our guest house in Nogales, Arizona
Remember this day? Me either. First day in Nogales, seems like years ago. Missing our “backyard,” star gazing and playing cartel.
Creighton Backpack Journalism group 2016 on day one.
Day one. An image to capture all of us in our awkward glory. Back when we still didn’t know each other. Oh how times have changed.
Thank you to Carol Zuegner for providing the jams. We appreciate you and your dance moves. Best part of the day was making dinner with these hooligans. AJ was our burger expert.
Before my interview with Isabele Garcia. I was freaking out, but she was so genuine and passionate. Not really sure what I was doing here, but hopefully I didn’t make a fool of myself.
When life gives you a drone, why not take a selfie with it. photo credit: bae (aka the drone)
Holding “Jill” my goddaughter. Her father, John, allowed Aly and I custody of her after our tripod shoe mysteriously went missing (@nicosandi).